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Lisa Butler-Dentist

Dr. Butler specializes in conservative Biomimetic dentistry taking into consideration every aspect of your heath. She is always searching for the latest advancements, least invasive procedures, and most natural resources available. She feels it is important to provide the patient information and options so that they can make an informed decision about what is right for them. Dr. Lisa M. Butler graduated from the Arizona of Dentistry & Oral Health. Prior to studying at ASDOH, she attended the University of Southern California and obtained her Bachelors degree in Dental Hygiene. She has been in the dental field for over 22 years. In addition, she holds a Certificate in Public Health from UNC Chapel Hill. Since she began practicing dentistry, Dr. Butler has kept up to date taking many continuing educational classes, ensuring that her patients receive the most comprehensive and state of the art dental care possible. When not at the office Dr. Butler enjoys spending time with her four daughters and her husband Alex, doing yoga, seeing movies, and traveling to places with warm beaches!



Hello my name is Amanda.  I graduated from Mesa Community College in 2010 with a degree in Dental Hygiene.  I knew at an early age that I would have a career in the dental field.  I was one of those children who actually enjoyed going to the dentist!  The best part of my career is that I am constantly meeting interesting and inspiring people.  I am very fortunate to have found Butler Family Dentistry.  Dr. Butler and I truly believe in delivering the highest quality of care to our patients. It is very rewarding to see our patients get back to health and become motivated about their homecare.  In my spare time I enjoy traveling, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Felicia-Dental Assistant

Hello my name is Felicia and I have been a Dental Assistant for 9 years. I graduated with an Associate of Applied Sciences from The Bryman School and I am X ray and coronal polish certified by the state of Arizona. I chose Dental Assisting because it combines two of my passions in life, learning and caring for others. I not only get to know our patients but I also get learn from them. Whether it is through their teeth or our small talk, I gain a new perspective from each and every patient. I enjoy being a part of our patient’s dental family and providing them with a warm safe environment while they receive exceptional dental care.


My name is Estrella and I am a mother of five.  I am originally from California but moved to lovely Arizona in October of 2004.  I have been a dental assistant for 15 years and I love my job.  I enjoy educating the patient through active communication about what’s going on throughout their visit.  This helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed during their visit. 

Mike-Treatment Plan Coordinator

I was born and raised in central Phoenix and attended Saint Simon and Jude grade school and Saint Mary's HS.  I joined the US Coast Guard at age 19 and spent 2-1/2 years on the icebreaker Polar Sea.  I have sailed the seven seas and have visited 6 continents.  Several years ago I started a business as a general contractor here in the valley and very recently gave it up to come work at Butler Family Dentistry.  I am very pleased with my decision.  My wife and I recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and are currently trying to figure out how to raise our teenager.

 Andrea-Communications Coordinator

My name is Andrea - but you'll know me as Andi! I was born and raised in Southern California. I attended Barstow College for my Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Development. About four years ago, I moved here, to Phoenix, to attend Arizona Christian University for my Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies; it was there that I met my wonderful husband, Russell. (That's definitely been the highlight of the four years here, so far!) Although working at Butler Family Dentistry is not in either of the fields that I studied in college, working in this environment has proven to be exciting, fun, friendly, and uplifting - a work environment that I am not eager or willing to give up any time soon!

 Alex Butler-Office Manager


I was born and raised in Phoenix, received my Bachelor of Science at NAU, and my MBA from the University of Phoenix.  My passions in life are God, Dr. B, my children, surfing, and consuming plant based nourishing food.  I love my wife's practice because just like Phoenix medicine has also changed.  What was once the norm is no longer, at least to us.  We have a great affinity for whole body health and nutrition in our home as well as at the office.  To me Biological truly is better!!!